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Territory is a full-service, production through post-production boutique.

We can arrange for talent to work remotely or in our spacious facility. We have access to a diverse roster of award winning, multi-disciplined talent that is dedicated to crafting compelling visual stories that resonate with your audience and connect to your brand.



Owner / Editor

Forever a creative collaborator with a natural wonder for people, adventure, and discovery it's no wonder Terry is a merited King within the industry. He embraces serendipity because life is lived by experience. And experience he has with delivering fully realized content that can visually speak for your vision. He lives an unedited life with rollerskates guiding his feet, guitar fingers playing the songs around him, staying sharp (and ready) clay shooting, and whenever possible, considering Michigan weather, on his motorcycle with the wind feathering his hair.*

*He will most certainly cringe when he reads this; but... it's all True.

Doenie Nylen

Executive Producer/Business Affairs

The 100's,  400's, and especially 700's - everything is countable if you have enough hands.
Most likely, with a project in motion and donut in hand, or nearby, Doenie speaks the language of numbers, library catalogs, and dogs. She thrives when hard work gets the work to screen, be it big or small. She's the executive producer, the secret weapon we all need when it comes to navigating every stage of post from beginning to completion...and beyond; mainly because she's mastered the ability to make you feel heard and understood.

Samantha Basir

New Business Development / Marketing

As a self-proclaimed Worldbuilder, she knows how to make a zigzag, spiral, and loop-de-loop idea linear and break a linear idea into a million pieces to reconfigure anew. She enjoys a great event... from the corner of the room, talking to you. She believes spontaneity lives at the edge of being organized, but the organizing should never come at the cost of experiencing. She embraces life's contradictions but craves the answers of the Universe.

James Yi

Production Producer

Born in Seoul, raised in San Francisco, with a Detroit hall pass, and Toronto roots, don't let the broody seafood paella with squid ink fool you; James is cool as a cucumber. With 20+ years under the belt he is a passionate globetrotting producer with a knack for picking cinematic gold and curating BiPOC talent on both sides of the camera. His multi-awarded filmography deserves its own dissertation with such films as 'Mooz-Lum' ('10), 'Detroit Unleaded' ('12), 'Twinsters' ('15), the Sundance NEXT Audience Award winning film 'Gook' ('17 ), 'A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.' ('18), and 'Miss Purple' ('19). He is dedicated to producing content that pushes creative and intellectual boundaries across all platforms and formats that showcase an authentic human experience.