Territory is a full-service production through post-production boutique.
We can arrange for talent to work from home or in our 14,000 square foot facility which is perfect for social distancing. We have access to a diverse roster of award winning, multi-disciplined talent is dedicated to crafting compelling visual stories that resonate with your audience and connect to your brand.


There’s a story to tell for anything. We find them, build them, and tailor them to fit any screen or space. Our editors shape the narrative in whatever way necessary for your content to speak to its viewers.


Color can be balanced and polished to enhance tone, or pushed to cast new moods all together. Isolated or replaced, our precision chromatics paint your content in the best light possible.


From information reinforcement to entirely graphic driven projects, the visual components of a piece help to form its identity. A designer’s touch can be both subtle and bold, depending on the needs of the job.

We work with our designers as well as collaborate with out-of-house teams.


Pull it in, clean it up, comp it out. Our Finish/Composite team reassembles your project in its highest quality, digitally paints out unwanted components, composites new assets into scenes and packages the final product together from its separate parts.


We all know that picture without sound is just a slideshow; and our neighbors at Gold Sound are the convenient option for skillfully combining awesome visuals with amazing music, voice and sound effects. Just right up the street in Pleasant Ridge, Gold Sound features an array of talented mixers and sound designers within their six suite facility to put the finishing audio touches to your project…all without getting on the freeway!


Territory’s curated collection of cross-media storytellers; directors, shooters and creatives, are committed to the craft.
We are collaborative, nimble and experienced; whether working from a creative brief through finish, or simply delivering a stunning execution of your already amazing idea.

If you’re inspired to tell your story, we’re ready for you.