DETROIT, April 11, 2013 | SHOOT Publicity Wire | — Editor Terry King of TERRITORY recently teamed up with Burrell Communications to cut “Only the Name Remains,” a dramatic, spy-themed advertising campaign for the 2013 Toyota Avalon. The first-ever TV commercial for Golden Globe Award-winning actor Idris Elba. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Antony Hoffman, “Only the Name Remains” begins with three suspenseful television spots that follow Elba’s secret agent character on the run from an old enemy, taking his Avalon on a city-wide adventure. The third spot in the television series ends with a cliffhanger, directing the audience to experience the thrilling conclusion at www.OnlyTheName.com.



“A great story can only be as great as its editor”, states Lewis Williams, Chief Creative Officer at Burrell Communications, “So when we put the Avalon “Only The Name Remains” campaign post-production team together, Terry and his team, including assistant Nicole Finateri, Online Editor/Compositor, Brent Edwards and his assistant Jonathan Chatten, was more than the obvious choice. “Terry has the knack to not only chose the right take, but find the exact moment within the moment. His style worked beautifully with the mysterious intrigue and thrilling action we were going for. The perfect balance between car and story.

“Working with Terry and his team at TERRITORY is as always a fulfilling creative experience” Says Munier Sharieff Creative Director on Toyota. My director Antony Hoffman was nervous about who was cutting, or more to the point, who he was handing his baby off to. I told Antony to relax, I’ve worked with Terry many times, we’re in good hands. Terry and Antony worked closely before we ever saw the first pass. Terry was instrumental in helping Antony sort through the tons of footage he shot for the three spots. As cliché as it may sound, Terry has an acute eye for visual storytelling. He sees through not an agency lens, but through the viewer’s eyes. He’s always thinking about what that person on their sofa would think. In our business we tend to stray too far from whom we’re talking to.”

“It’s always wonderful to work on a campaign of this scope” states King, “Starting out in L.A. moving on to Chicago, where we not only handled a portion of the creative edit but also telecine at Filmworkers with the talented Mike Mazur, and CGI with the guys at Vitamin. and then you add the masterful job of finishing the crew here at TERRITORY did, it makes for a truly rewarding experience.

Agency: Burrell Communications
CCO: Lewis Williams
CD: Munier Sharieff
Producer: Shirley Portee
Director: Antony Hoffman
Editorial/Post: TERRITORY
Editor: Terry King
Assistant Editor: Nicole Finateri
Finishing Editor: Brent Edwards
Finishing Assistant: Johnathan Chatten
Color: Filmworkers
Color: Mike Mazur
CGI: Vitamin

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SOURCE: STS Marketing LLC.

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